Adwatch-patented audio watermarking

We developed an app, AdWatch, for a US based enterprise advertiser. The advertiser wanted to have a solution that would gather data from mobile users to judge the performance of their client’s advertising campaigns.

The solution provided by us included using patented audio watermarking of each ad to capture data through a mobile application.

Here is how our solution solved our client’s problem.

1. Client intended to create specific advertising campaign with patented audio watermarking

2. Enticed users with reward points to download their mobile application

3. Once the users downloaded the app, the client could identify/measure the number of listeners for the audio watermarked advertisements

4. An extended version of the app can also capture listeners demographic data, including hobbies, interest, etc.

5. This can help the client have substantiated data on advertising ROI

6. The model can capture advertising expenses prudently with the help of given analytics

7. This in turn can increase clients revenue by reaching out to targeted customer segments.

Adwatch-patented audio watermarking