Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry is embracing the non - traditional tech like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, social media, telehealth etc. It has started adopting new and innovative operating models to scale delivery and quality of their services.

How can mobility help you compete?

A mobile application can help you track, record and organize various elements of your work in one place. It not only saves time but also optimizes costs and improves accuracy.

Few popular category of apps for healthcare professionals include:

1. Information and time management apps : This category of apps can help you manage flow of communication within a hospital or a clinic.

2. Health record maintenance and access: With this app a healthcare professional can retrieve any record from any location. This helps you make quick decisions.

3. Communication and consulting: These apps facilitate communication between the doctor and the patient. It has a feature that helps the patient seek advice instantly.

4. Reference and information gathering: With this app you can store all your reference material at one place and get an access to it as and when needed.

5. Patient management Apps: This app lets you manage more than one patient at a time and maintain patient's past records. It also helps clinicians identify the appropriate scans or tests to order, decreasing unnecessary procedures and reducing cost of care

Travel and Hospitality Industry

 Travel and Hospitality Industry

Travel and hospitality as an industry has never been more competitive than it is today Consumers want personalized and authentic experiences. The travel and hospitality industry as a whole is adopting and implementing new tech to provide the consumers with best experiences.

There is no doubt that technology has deeply rooted itself into a consumer’s routine.

How can mobility help you compete?

1. Transforming core systems: Your first touch point with your customers is when they reserve a seat/book a room. Technology had transformed this process long ago by providing an online booking system.Taking it a step further, companies have now moved on to mobile apps to give more enhanced experience to their customers.

2. Engage travellers: When your app is in their pocket it much easier for you to seek or give information to your customers.

3. Personalizing experiences: By integrating data for better targeting its easier for businesses to contextual experience to customers.

4. Delighting customers: You want to increase the number of returning customers, right? Leverage the mobile platform and get creative to entice your customers

Retail Industry

 Retail Industry

Retailers have been quick to adopt new technologies into their core business model. They have understood the only way to differentiate themselves from the competition is to provide a better customer experience. From brick and mortar to e-commerce to dedicated mobile apps, this industry has been the fastest to respond to changing customer needs.

Retail industry is now more focused on fostering a uniform customer engagement platform, based on customers' purchasing patterns, sentiments and analytics.

How mobility can help you compete?

Build customer relationship: It is a necessity and its complexity cannot be denied. You can collect real time information through mobile devices to understand what your customers are looking for, how long your employees interact with customers and quantify this data for better inventory management, provide better customer experience, manage employee targets etc.

Increase customer engagement: In a market driven by customers, it is essential to engage with them at every stage of a buyer’s journey. A mobile application is a simple tool that lets you communicate with your customers at the right time. You can notify them about your latest products and services, offers and discounts etc.