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About us

With a unique mission of inducing mobility into business processes and making life simpler for business owners, managers and employees we started our journey in 2011. Our management brings with them an industrial experience of 60+ years. After being through the entrepreneurial churn himself, our MD & CEO Mr. Ponnuvel Ramesh holds a broad vision “to be an active facilitator of SMART SOLUTIONS in a technology driven market where the enterprises seek to establish efficiency into a system by inducing agility into a well segmented business processes.” We are proud to have completed 100+ projects successfully across the globe.

Our Team

Here is how we work

We follow an agile process driven by value

Healthy engagement with our clients throughout the process is the key to our success

Step 1- Sketch an Idea

We begin with understanding your business goals and feasibility of your Idea. By the end of this stage we have a clear understand of your project objectives.

Step 2- Strategize

Once we understand your needs. Our in-house experts analyze and define the success criteria and a proof of concept is sent to you.

Step 3- Tech Crunching

After POC is approved our team begins its work with the information architecture including the workflows and content classification.

Step 4- User Experience

This stage defines the user behavior and a framework for high level design is laid.

Step 5- Prototyping

At this stage a prototype is presented to you and the inputs are reviewed.

Step 6- Design

Here we identify your key branding elements and include it in the design for a unique user experience.

Step 7- Development and Testing

The final product is developed and tested in house by our team.

Step 8- Quality Assessment

A beautiful and fully functional app is presented to the user for feature and functionality testing. Our engagement process is simple and dynamic. We facilitate the process with a SPOC (single point of contact) dedicated to communicate with you.

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+91 - 44 45558290

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