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Transportation and Logistics

The changing demands of consumers and their new lifestyle practices has opened up a number of opportunities for transportation and logistics industry. The changing landscape of demographics and urbanization demand for goods and services to stay competitive. In this industry there is a huge workforce that is always on field and have maximum interaction with your customers.

This scenario is being leveraged by companies to facilitate their customers with customized services. The integration of mobile devices to the network help companies to operate efficient

How mobility can help you compete?

1. Collect first hand information: Who can tell you what your customers expect better than a customer? Inducing mobility in your business model and and utilizing the opportunity of longengagements that your huge workforce has with your customers everyday can give you an edge over your competitors.
2.Customer security: A simple mobile app can give your customers a sense of security and control which enhances the chance of you being their first choice.
3. Vendor tracking and management: Most of the big companies are already using mobility solutions for vendor tracking and management. This can not only help manage and optimize costs but it can also help you manage inventory or que in your services based on demand and supply.

Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment industry has been ever evolving with advancement in technology. Mobility has changed the way how consumers interact with media. This shift to a consumer driven market has pushed the media and entertainment industry to dive into the pool of innovation and find new ways to gather information and present the relevant information to different sets of target audience.

How can mobility help you compete?

1.Data collection for TRP ratings: We know how important TRP ratings are for media and entertainment industry. Mobility has the ability to transform the way ratings are collected.2. Keep track of your on field force: When your app is in their pocket it much easier for you to seek or give information to your

The music customers. industry has adopted different mobility solutions depending on their business model. Strategic mobilization of your business can open up many channels to monetize and create multiple revenue sources.


MOOCs revolutionized and challenged the way education was being imparted. It opened up numerous opportunities. Taking it one step further mobility facilitates learners to access their courses from anywhere, at anytime.
Many facilitators in this industry are coming up with mobility as an integral part of their business model.

How mobility can help you compete?

1.Increase productivity in institutions: Having a personalized learning environment can help students perform better.
2.Mobility facilitates learning beyond the classroom.

3.E-Learning mobile application: This lets students access to a virtual classroom, creative assignments, mock up tests, digital library and many many other features that you want to add.

Real Estate

The consumers in this sector are now buying, selling and searching for properties online. There a number of portals that have changed the way we dealt with real estate. Since the web platform became popular in the in this industry the number of agents and businesses operating in this sector have increased dramatically.

How mobility can help you compete?

1.Lead management solutions:You can keep a track of all your leads at one place and offer them personalized services
2.Branding of your business:A mobile application can make your brand stand out from the competition.
3. Property management solutions:Mobile property management solutions can help you keep

a close watch on the property you deal with,collect on site picture, keep a track of developments in and around the location etc.
4.On field workforce management:Our field service solutions will let you keep a track of all your agents on field, update them with real time information, take feedbacks etc.


+91 - 44 45518215

+91 - 44 45558290

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