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We follow Agile Methodology, as the requirements of the customers tend to change based on the development of the application.

    We follow three levels of testing:

  • Unit Testing – Done by the developers at every stages of development.

  • Manual Testing (System Testing) - Done by a tester at the completion of development.

  • Integration Testing – Done by developers to test the functionality after integrating all the modules.

  • Compatibility Testing - Checking the device compatibility of the application.

  • User Acceptance Testing – Done by the users
  • Data communication made through a Secure Connection (using SSL Enabled Protocol).

  • Login credentials can be created to restrict the unauthorized access to the application.

  • Applications running on android devices will have their app data isolated from the interference of the user and also from the code execution of the other apps.

  • An encrypted file system can be used to give more security to the applications data.

  • Data Protection feature on iOS Devices ensures the Data security on the iOS Platforms.

  • Considering the Data Security on BlackBerry Devices, RIM provides very secure data storage for an application running on the device which restricts the unwanted access of data to other applications.

  • Similarly windows have provided an isolated storage for Application data which ensures the data security.

Yes, we can, if needed, however we need to factor in VISA processing time for deployment. We do not have consultants with stamped VISA.

We do need to visit on-site for integrations; we can do it from the off-site, if we have requisite access (selective) to your enterprise systems.

We can provide you with a choice of two or three sets of UI designs for your consideration and you can choose your options.

We do have entry level skills on enterprise applications to cater to mobile application integration requirements. However we do not have enterprise application specialists.

    We have used the following technology features:
  • Location based Services

  • Google Map Integration

  • Social Media Integration

  • Payment Gateway

  • E-mail/SMS Integration

  • Graphics based applications

  • Accessing Contacts & Media
  • Camera Functionalities
  • Storage & Notifications

All the required software licenses for development are to be provided by the customer.

We have an application test lab with a set of mobile devices. We would be testing the applications on these devices, for broader ranges of devices; we shall show you simulators for testing.


+91 - 44 45518215

+91 - 44 45558290

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