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Mobile Real-Time Shop Floor Visualization

M Mobile Real-Time Shop Floor Visualization

This application was developed for a multinational client who is a major manufacturer for multi brand cigarettes. The client uses high end machinery for production of various brands of cigarettes. We have developed a suite of mobile application for real-time visualisation of shop-floor to enhance their shop-floor productivity and improved quality control.

Brand Change

Application used to track the machine idle time while switching from one brand to another during the manufacturing process. Each time when a brand is changed the machine has to be reconfigured for the new brand. The time between these cycles of changes is captured to minimize the idle time between brands. This app helped the client to devise optimal brand change pattern and also in setting time target for changing product attributes during brand change.

Control Monitor

Used to keep track of the work orders, considering the parts to be produced, technician involved, equipments and resources required, duration, status etc. Very important for production planning.

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Quality Sustain

Used to measure the quality of the products by periodically testing the products for any faults; measuring and analyzing the current quality levels is required to improve to levels set by the management.

CAPA (Corrective And Preventive Action)

Application used to determine the causes of nonconformities (Corrective Actions) and to determine the potential nonconformance and their causes (Preventive Actions)

5S Audit

It is a workplace organization methodology for organizing, cleaning, developing and sustaining a productive and functional work environment. 5 Pillars of the improvement are: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.

Housekeeping and Safety

Application to maintain safety housekeeping to significantly reduce accidents and injuries in the working environment

Visitor Appointment

All the visitors of a shop floor shall be managed using this application - Visitor details, meeting person, visiting departments, entry and exit time etc. are recorded. Integrated mobile devices are used to prepare visitor passes.
These applications were developed using Cordova Cross-Platform to be used in iPAD. These applications were integrated with their back-end home grown enterprise manufacturing application developed using ASP.NET & Oracle.

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