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Mobile applications are light in nature, it requires very little network band-width to use. Where as you need considerable bandwidth to mobile portals. Mobile app provides almost instant response

Mobile applications can also be used off-line and data can be synchronized with enterprise app when the network is available, this is not possible on mobile portal. Mobile apps provided a richer user experience and touch sensitive advanced device capabilities.

With mobile app, we can integrate some of the mobile device in-built features such as Camera, Voice Recorder etc., using device APIs, which is not possible with mobile portal.

By writing web services (REST API) that access the back-end enterprise systems and provide the required information for the requests from the mobile application. We shall either use the web services available with your enterprise application and integrate the same with front-end mobile applications or develop an intermediate web application and integrate it with the mobile front-end. The intermediate application (middleware) would facilitate data flow between mobile and enterprise application.

Yes, we can integrate mobile application with any of the back-end enterprise applications as long as the back-end enterprise systems have no restrictions (such as License issues, access permissions etc.)

We do have competency for building applications on native platforms for Android, iOS, Windows, etc. and also one popular MEAP platforms and frameworks.

Yes, we do have significant expertise on developing enterprise applications on native platform, specifically Android, iOS and Windows. We have already executed a considerable number of projects on native platforms.

We are a platform and technology neutral consulting company. We do not recommend any specific any specific platform or technology. We can go by the client’s choice.

However, we have executed a number of projects on PhoneGap platform as it is one of the popular open source platform. We have also build projects on other MEAP platforms such as, Xamarin, Convertigo, Worklight, etc.

Yes we can on work on any MEAP platform of your choice.

There are three important benefits you derive by developing enterprise applications on a MEAP platform;

It provides cross-platform support, you maintain single code and hence application maintenance becomes easier.

Easy integration with back-end enterprise applications through common connector for multiple mobile applications

Data Security, as most of the platform addresses security requirements on application and network level.

Yes, we do this service as part of our offerings. We have a team of business analyst who can get involved in understanding your business processes, analyze your software requirements and develop a comprehensive RFP including mock-up screens.

We have developed enterprise mobile applications in most of the domains covering distinct features such as offline, multi-lingual support using resource files(Localization), graphical, multi-platform support, integration with mobile features like Camera, GPS, Map and integration with existing web applications. Our past projects can be testimony to our capabilities. However, if still POC is required, yes we are open for a limited effort POC on a chargeable basis.


+91 - 44 45518215

+91 - 44 45558290

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