10 Myths About Mobile App Development – 2017

By Kriti Verma

06/13/17 10:50 AM

10 Myths About Mobile App Development – 2017

Mobile applications have been around since 1980’s. Ever since mobile apps were first introduced to the world, its market has evolved. Now, the integration of IoT and mobile applications is soon going to take us on a ride where everything can be connected to everything.

Even though we have traveled far, we still carry a few pre-conceived notions about mobile applications. Some of these might have been true a decade back, but now the rules have changed. Here are a few common myths about mobile apps.

1. A great app will sell itself

So you developed an excellent app. You and your team know it’s the best app your customers will find in the market. This is the app that will make you a millionaire. After all the hard work and money you have spent it’s now time to sit back and relax.


If only it was so simple.

Once you have an app that is going to make you money, work out your numbers. Here are some numbers you may want to start churning.

a) Organic downloads: You get these downloads by spending next to nothing, put it on play store, promote and share it on social media, App forums or any digital space where you think you can find the segment you are targeting. If your organic traffic starts converting into customers, it’s the ideal situation.

b) Inorganic downloads: You get these downloads by spending on ads. The ROI for inorganic downloads may be lower than the organic downloads but it is required if you are looking to tap a large segment.

This should give you a clear picture of from where you are getting your customers and on which channels you should be spending more time and money. Promoting your app on all relevant platforms while maintaining the same rigor you had when you were developing it can be the key to your success.

Remember, app promotion is as critical and vital as app development.

2. A great app is fun and jazzy

Yes, even now the decision makers hold this perception. When it comes to mobile apps, first thought that pops up is games, e-commerce and all the funky jibber jabber that has nothing to do with your business model.

There are more than 2 million apps on Google Play Store and still, only a few thousands make it to the top.

Why is that so?

An app user is always experimenting, trying to find the best fit. If you don’t make sure your target segment is getting what it needs you are left far behind in the game of apps.

First, solve your user’s problem then decorate

3.  App users are your customers

Your user can be anyone who is using your app to research, experiment, to pursue a hobby or just to relax in their free time. These are not the people who are going to make you money. It’s when they start paying you to use your app they become your customers. This journey from being a user to becoming a customer is long.

Your customers are a true reflection of the segment you should be targeting with your paid advertising and other business investments.

Here is an interesting fact:

The average Android app loses 77% of its daily active users within the first three days after the install, and 90% within the first 30 days.

This 10% that stay with you after a month are potential customers.

4.  Mobile app is not for my business

It doesn’t matter if you are a large enterprise, SME or a start up. There are problems at every stage of your business to which you seek optimal solutions. 

Companies are introducing mobile applications into their business ecosystems to achieve goals like- collaboration, increase productivity and process efficiency.

A well-planned mobile strategy can not only cut down cost but it can help you create a healthy work environment for your employees.

5.  B2C Apps yield more profit than B2B Apps

B2C is a huge market and so money making must be an easy business. Well, given the size of the B2C market it is all the more competitive.

The cost may be less for a B2C app but ROI of B2B is much higher.

6.  Mobile Apps are too expensive

This is the most passive myth that people hold. The cost of your app is determined by the number of functions you want it to perform. The more clarity you have on what you need the lesser it is going to cost you.

Most decision makers fail to see a mobile app as a problem solver. Because of this, they end up paying for functionalities they don’t even need.

Over time, the number of mobile app developers/agencies have grown in number and stabilized the cost of mobile applications.

7.  You need an internet connection for an app to work

No, you don’t. It’s you who defines how your app is going to work. Apps can work offline. Depending on the requirement, data can be synced to backend once the user is connected to a network.

8.  You must have technical knowledge before you develop an app for your business

Of course, you need to have the knowledge of operating a mobile device but, that is all you need to know technically.

As a decision maker, you define the problem and how you expect the mobile app to solve it. If you got an answer to this, a quick brief to your developer or an agency can give a reality check on technical feasibility of your idea.

9.  Good looks equals high success rate

UI/UX is vital but it’s not the only factor that will determine how successful your app is going to be.  Those are still the secondary aspects of your mobile app. Amidst all the hype given to aesthetics, it’s easy to be drawn away from your goal. Your goal is to solve a problem not to create a gorgeous useless app.

10.  Apps are for tech savvy users/customers

Gone are the days when “mobile apps” were placed under the tech dictionary. Mobile apps have been made so user-friendly that navigating through it is literally a child’s play.

In fact,

Gartner’s prediction states that in 2017 over 268 billion app downloads will generate an income of $77 billion.



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